Counting about 1600 inhabitants, Faedis is a village situated close to the Prealpi Giulie, right at the mouth of the Grivò torrent valley, an essential source of income for the development of these places.

The name “Faedis” originated from “fagetum”, beech wood, and it was first heard of in history soon after the year 1000, when the Aquileia patriarch Popone granted Carinthian nobleman Odorico Von Auspergh his permission to build a castle.

The history of our village was strongly marked by the presence of this noble family, which took the name of Cucagna, subsequently branching out as Zucco and Freschi families. The legacy of such past times became a reason for the appeal of our territory, which not only is immersed in nature, but can exhibit beautiful castle ruins, villas and many votive churches.

Visiting Faedis gives people the chance to immerse themselves in an environment, which offers numerous chances of enjoyment, such as walking in the woods, through wild paths and hills, visiting castles and churches. So, it’s a relatively small area with a large concentration of places of interest, only waiting to be discovered.