NICE, A Fascinating Location

Faedis and its territory is situated at the foothills of the Jiulian Prealps with a vast part of its area covered by rolling green hills and lofty mountains. Castles, historic villas, medieval churches, waterfalls hidden in forests and secular vineyards… are only a part of the treasures to be found in this small but rich territory of attractions.

GOOD, Flavours of the Land

Wines, olive oil, cured meats, goat cheeses and honey are a few of the delicacies produced by Faedis and its surrounding area. Quality products, which are made by expert hands in a genuine and hearty environment are closely tied to the traditions of the land.

NATURE, Spectacular Nature

Give into the beauty that surrounds you! More than 70% of the territory of Faedis is covered by woods and fields, this is without taking into consideration the vast agricultural areas. Streams and torrents flow in the hills and through the fields. You can’t get away! Nature wins.


The territory of Faedis is the ideal place to restore your energy. From walks in the woods, cycling, stops at farmhouse restaurants or at wineries there is always something for everyone. Then, after these pleasant ‘efforts’, you can lie down and rest in a meadow to just do nothing.


Faedis and its wines are a union with roots deep in history. From the times of the Romans grape vines have been cultivated here with dedication. A knowledge handed down through generations that still continues today with high quality production of wines such as Refosco of Faedis , an old native vine which is the emblematic representation of this territory.


There are many traces of history in this territory: three castles, at least ten churches built in the middle ages, some with interesting afreschi, historical villas and also a secular grape vine which has been producing since the end of the 1800s… memories tied to the great wars, Baita Topli Uorch (Malghe di Porzus)...