Art and History Paths in Faedis

The route we propose now is a hypothetical path among the many historical and artistic beauties of the Faedis municipality.
It starts from the church of Santa Maria Maddalena, above Gradischiutta, which can only be reached through a path in the woods. Then you move to nearby Sant’Elena, built a few yards away from the junction to Costapiana.

Chiesetta di Sant'Elena, Costapiana

From the church of Sant’Elena, let’s go down to the beginning of the path leading to the castles of Zucco and Cucagna in Borgo Santa Anastasia, which takes its name from an ancient church, now disappeared.
The path you take to get to the castle is the original one, built in the same time of the manor. From castles, through the woods you can reach Partistagno Castle, above the Borgo Faris village in the municipality of Attimis. The castle was among the possessions of the Cucagna family. After visiting the castle, continue to the church of San Pietro, gem of the Faedis artistic heritage. The building is located within the village of the same name.

Affreschi Chiesetta San Rocco, Faedis

A few hundred meters away there is the church of San Rocco, (during its restoration works, a fresco by the 1300-1400 school of Vitale da Bologna was revealed, depicting a series of paintings dedicated to St. George, to whom the church was originally dedicated). The path starts at the beginning of Via Tarcento. If you so desire, you can stop in the parish church of Santa Maria Assunta, which houses a fine wooden altar from the 16th Century, once placed in the church of San Pietro. Right now, you can choose whether to go first to Ronchis, where the Freschi and Partistagno Villas are, or head to Campeglio (making an early stop at Collevillano, to visit the church of Santa Maria) and visit Villa Accordini and the castle ruins of Soffumbergo, which can be reached through Via Castellana, eventually reaching the road to Raschiacco.

Wearing sportswear and sneakers is recommended, given the paths that need to be addressed to arrive in some places. Most of the trail is on the road, therefore easily undertaken by car, though some people might find it suitable for a mountain bike ride.

This route, as mentioned in the introduction, is particularly suitable for a few stops in the many canteens and venues in town (a chance to make first contact with the producers), to savor the taste of Friuli and good food.