Trails into the nature of Faedis

The tour starts either from the path by the church of San Rocco or the one that leads to the Castle. Both alternatives then join the path to Porzûs, 683 m above sea level. Shortly after passing Porzûs, two possibilities are there. The first is making a turn for the Farcadizze (Plan delle Farcadizze is a broad valley, situated just above Canebola and accessed through the Bocchetta di San Antonio nozzle. Crossed by the Rieca torrent, this valley offers a really beautiful landscape and natural environment) and then travelling to the Valley. The second possibility is to go to Valle instead, passing by Clap and Canebola.

The first alternative leads us to proceed to Mount Krnica, 981 m above sea level, after which we set out for Mount Iauar, 1005 m above sea level, and then continue to the "famous" Malga di Porzûs, which was the scene of a tragic war event in February 1945. After the huts, we head towards Mount Spich, 924 m above sea level, and then down to reach the forest road, that will lead us to Farcadizze. Crossing the valley, we will reach the Bocchetta di Sant 'Antonio nozzle, 788 m above sea level. From here, it is down to Canebola, to take the path to the Valley.

The second alternative, instead, lets us keep on our walk to Clap, 684 m above sea level, and then continue on the road that leads to Canebola, 669 m above sea level, where we will take the path to Pedrosa and Valle.

Torrente Grivò sopra Stremiz

After that, let’s take the footpath to Valle and reach Pedrosa, 754 m above sea level, continue to Mount San Lorenzo, 913 m above sea level, and finally, passing by the "Prati della Chiesa” moors, which offer a unique landscape, we’ll arrive in Valle, 678 m above sea level. Our walk will continue to Costalunga, 593 m above sea level, through the communal road and along the path leading to Canal del Ferro, where it ends. This tour takes 7 to 9 hours to complete and it is better and more comfortably undertaken wearing a pair of hiking shoes or boots, if you so prefer.


I Comunai, Faedis

Located west of Faedis, the “comunai” woods also deserve a mention. In the Cucagna times, these lands belonged to the entire community, as you can guess from their name: everybody could graze their animals, collect wood or berries. This area is rich in vegetation and gives the opportunity for a few nice walks, immersed in greenery and calm.

To reach the "Comunai", you must take Via Stentarie, to the right of City Hall. This street stretches throughout the whole area, until you reach the village of Bellazoia (in the commune of Povoletto). The "Comunai" are crossed by numerous paths and lanes, offering a choice of alternative routes.

There is no need for special equipment to undertake this trek, but if you want to walk the paths and roads, sportswear is recommended. The duration of the walks varies depending on the choices you made, from 30 minutes up to a few hours.