The traditional Communal Route

This is the traditional Communal Route, which takes place every year during the month of march. Starting place is Faedis’ main square, m 170 a.s.l., to the San Rocco Church or The Castles, subsequently taking the path coming to Porzûs, m 684 a.s.l.. Immediately after leaving town, you can choose to pass through Clap, m 981 a.s.l. or keep on following the path and arrive straight to the mountain.

Pian delle Farcadizze

Following through, you pass through the Mount Iauar, m 1005 a.s.l. and finally arrive to the “malghe di Porzûs” (Porzûs Alp), m 968 a.s.l., where the tragic events of February 1945 took place.

After the alp, you can go on to Mount Spich, m 924 o.s.l, then go down and get to the street leading you to the Farcadizze (this is one of the area’s most beautiful sites: it’s a small valley, immediately after Canebola, you reach passing through the “Bocchetta di Sant’Antonio”), then to the State Border, near which you will be able and take the “Sentiero Italia” path for a little while (N. 744).

After leaving the “Sentiero Italia” path you will keep on a series of trails, which coast the peak of Mount Joanaz, m 1167 a.s.l., and take you to the refuge of the same name, m 949 a.s.l., under the Mount Calduranza, m 913 a.s.l, near Valle. From there, you can choose whether to go to Valle, m 678 a.s.l., or to Pedrosa, m 754 a.s.l.
Whatever your choice, you will need to take the communal road leading you to Costalunga, m 593 a.s.l. From here, you will take the trail to the Mount Forchiai, m 482 a.s.l. then go down to Raschiacco, m 179 a.s.l., and finally to Faedis, walking along the “Via Cuarde” road.

This route gives you the chance to admire Faedis’ landscape in full, a particularly suggestive view, especially from points of observation in Valle, Costalunga and Canebola.

Only some basic equipment is needed to face this path: a pair of walking boots or trekking shoes plus a windbreaker (or K-Way jacket according to the season being) in case of bad weather. The whole excursion has a duration of 9-12 hours.