Il Territorio del Comune di Faedis

The Municipality of Faedis offers the chance of relaxing in the green, away from the stress and fatigues, which are associated with modern life. In addition to this, remarkable artistic beauties characterize the landscape, what with castles and numerous votive churches. Let’s not forget the many summer outdoor fairs and last but not least, for the lovers of a good old glass of wine, local canteens, venues and bars are always open.

To enjoy our area, it would be best to suggest long walks through the woods, hills and mountains; these can be short or extend to a maximum of 10 hours. Even cyclists can find interesting paths in Faedis. Let’s mention the rise to Canebola, or to Valle or Costalunga: difficult and trying ones, which can be faced both by bike or mountain-bike. Using the latter, you can find better-suited paths, like hiking trails and passages through the woods.

Trekkers and cyclists might enjoy a nice pause in some local canteen or venue, in order to drink a good glass of wine or taste the flavour of traditional Friulian cooking.
A journey through the artistic beauties of Faedis seems particularly fit for this, since it can be done almost all by car, allowing you to make longer stops.