At the foot of the Julian Pre-Alps, in one of Friuli’s most fertile and picturesque valleys, surrounded by greenery and peace, lies Faedis. From the pre-Alpine backdrop, two short chains of chestnut-covered mountains branch off down towards the plain, where they immediately give way to two wings of pleasant hills, which undulate and softly stretch down beyond the village: they look like two motherly arms stretching out to embrace the entire valley“.
So wrote Don Piccini in 1934 in the introduction to the book on the history of the parish. From that time to the present day, things have changed very little: the landscape has modernised, there are more houses, roads, power lines, etc., but the feeling and atmosphere that one breathes have remained the same. (In the photo above, Canebola and the Grivò valley at whose outlet on the Friulian plain lies Faedis)

The municipality of Faedis offers the opportunity to relax in an environment surrounded by greenery far from the stress that has become a faithful companion of modern life. In addition to this, there is the remarkable artistic heritage, including the castles and numerous votive churches that characterise the landscape, the various events organised especially in the summer months and, finally, for lovers, the good old glass of wine that can be sipped in the cellars and bars of the villages.

The itineraries that we can suggest are mostly long walks through the various forests of the hills and mountains in the area, lasting about ten hours at most. Two-wheel enthusiasts can also find interesting routes in Faedis: let us recall the ascent to Canebola, or to Valle or Costalunga; challenging roads that can be tackled either by road bike or mountain bike.
By using this second means, one can take advantage of more suitable routes, such as certain paths and forest roads. The various excursions can be accompanied by a stop in some wine cellar to drink a good glass of wine or in some restaurant, where you can find the flavours of good Friulian and other cuisine. Particularly suitable for this is the itinerary among the artistic beauties of the municipality, which allows you to use your car for almost the entire route, thus shortening the time and allowing for a few long stops.